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Dolls House Accessories, Kits and Furniture - The Dolls House Store

Dolls House Accessories, Kits and Furniture from The Dolls House Store

The Dolls House Store is offering our very own 700 page A5 binder catalogue and stocking a further six suppliers, we have a wide selection of dolls house accessories to choose from our online store!

Since our launch we have expanded rapidly and are pleased to be authorised stockists of multiple trade suppliers including Streets Ahead, Dollshouse Workshop, Houseworks and The Wonham Collection to name but a few. We also have a range of handmade products supplied by individual artisans.

We have a wide selection of miniature dolls house accessories to choose from our online! Serving a wide area of the East Midlands and Home Counties directly from our two dedicated dolls house retail shops, customers regularly come from all parts of the country to exchange ideas and purchase new items for their collection of dolls and doll houses.

We carry a large volume of over 10000+ dollshouse miniature accessories in stock and order daily via our automated epos to ensure quick turn around and delivery of all products. Please remember, that if you don't see an item for sale on our website which you spotted in our online brochures please contact us on 01536 628205 and we will be pleased to order the item in for you.

Passionate about miniature dolls houses, The Dolls House Store offers a personal service to fellow enthusiasts. The huge range of dolls houses, kits, furniture and accessories on display and in stock provides a fantastic choice and with our friendly and knowledgeable assistance you will be able to find the perfect match for your collection.

Introduction to Miniature Dolls Houses & Collectables

Dolls house miniatures became fashionable about 400 years ago, initially as a display item. While still popular with enthusiastic collectors they are also a favourite with children who enjoy playing with the decorations and furnishings and even filling them with dolls. Dollshouses from The Dolls House Store in Northamptonshire come in two distinct sizes: children's play dollhouses are commonly 1:18 (2/3" scale) while collectors pieces are 1:12 (or 1" scale).

Miniature Dolls House Kits, Dolls Houses and Dolls House Plans

Kits for building bespoke dolls house are available from The Dolls House Store in a variety of designs from Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian style to modern or general town and shop units. Children usually appreciate the help of an adult to construct their new dollshouse but if DIY is not your forte then you can purchase many of the designs ready-built by hand.

There are literally hundreds of houses to choose from, so how can you be sure which one is right for you? The Dolls House Store has a full floor which has been setup as a showroom to present and demonstrate the various houses we offer. Our friendly staff are always on-hand to offer advice and assistance to customers - Why not visit our online shop or just give us a call.

Dolls House Miniature Furniture & Dollshouse Accessories

Furniture for dolls houses comes in all shapes and sizes, from contemporary to faithful copies of prized antiques. In most cases the age and style of the dollhouse dictates the interior decoration and furnishings. The Dolls House Store carries a wide range of miniature dollhouse furniture in sizes to suit both collectors display units and children's play houses.

A dollshouse wouldn't be complete without at least one doll to live there! From historical figures to modern day TV or popular toys, doll house dolls are equipped to cope with their surroundings. And it's not just children who appreciate the various changes of clothes and wardrobe accessories available for their miniature dolls at The Dolls House Store.

Furnishing your dolls house means more than just chairs, tables and beds. What about the TV, cooker and dish washer? Yes, accessories for dollhouses include just about everything you would find in your own home. The Dolls House Store in Northamptonshire carries a full range of accessories including crockery, videos, books, clothes and even a basket for the toy dog. You do have a dollshouse sized pet, don't you?

Buying the right dollshouse is never easy. There are so many variations to choose from and each requires different handling. That's why it pays to visit our online shop such as The Dolls House Store where knowledgeable, fellow enthusiasts can guide you and help you to choose the right dolls and houses. Dollshouses that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment and pleasure.