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How to wire your dolls house

Keely Jones


Dolls houses have been providing educational recreation for centuries to people of all ages. This leaflet will show you how to install lighting and bring each room to life.

Equipment needed

Transformer, light fittings, wiring kit (includes power strip, additional plugs and wires)


The power strip is the electrical centre for your dolls house. It is usually installed on the back of the house, however can be placed in the attic or basement. The location is dependent upon the type of building and the owner’s preference.

First, select the location for the strip to be installed, remove the adhesive strip cover and stick it to your chosen point.
Connecting the lights-you will need to fit a two-pronged plug to the end of the light cord to fit into the power strip. Alternatively you may purchase a light to which the plug has been pre-fitted. In most cases the cord should be long enough to reach the power strip via the selected route and plug it in.

When several lights are installed in one area, you can reduce the amount of wiring by attaching the lights to a triple socket cord and run a single cord to the power strip at the back.

There is a blown fuse indicator lamp which lights when the fuse blows, if there are lights connected to the power strip. Once a new fuse has been installed the light will go out.

Removing and fitting a two pronged plug

To remove brass pins from the end of the light cords, simply hold the white plastic plug top between the fingers of one hand and with a pair of long-nosed plies pull out the brass pins. Take careful note how the code is wired into the plug top before removing.

After threading the cord through the hole(s) in the ceiling/back/side, re-thread the cord though the white plastic plug top. Separate the wires into the two holes and re-push in the brass pins with pliers.

If, for any reason the light(s) do not work then please check the following:

• Bulb is tight in the socket
• Bare wires are properly making contact with the brass pins
• White plug top is properly inserted in power strip
• Check bulb by replacing


For use with lighting systems rated 12 volts or less. Not recommended for use by children under 14 years of age.


If you purchase a pre-fitted light you will have to remove the plug to thread through the walls into the other rooms or out of the back of the house.

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