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Dolls House Furniture

Furniture for dolls houses comes in all shapes and sizes, from contemporary to faithful copies of prized antiques. In most cases the age and style of the dollhouse dictates the interior decoration and furnishings. The Dolls House Store carries a wide range of miniature dollhouse furniture in sizes to suit both collectors display units and children's play houses.

A dollshouse wouldn't be complete without at least one doll to live there! From historical figures to modern day TV or popular toys, doll house dolls are equipped to cope with their surroundings. And it's not just children who appreciate the various changes of clothes and wardrobe accessories available for their miniature dolls at The Dolls House Store in Kettering.

Furnishing your dolls house means more than just chairs, tables and beds. What about the TV, cooker and dish washer? Yes, accessories for dollhouses include just about everything you would find in your own home. The Dolls House Store in Northamptonshire carries a full range of accessories including crockery, videos, books, clothes and even a basket for the toy dog. You do have a dollshouse sized pet, don't you?